Brass Polishing

Metal Cleaning and Maintenance

Metal Man Restoration LLC is committed to providing the highest quality service in a wide range of Metal Maintenance and Cleaning categories. Our staff combined has over 100 years of experience in the Metal Maintenance and Cleaning Industry. We carefully analyze your needs and listen to your concerns.

We also develop effective metal maintenance programs as well that are cost efficient. Our services are performed throughout the entire East Coast (NJ, NY, CT, MA, VA, DC)

We specialize in Metal Painting, Metal Refinishing, Curtain Walls and Building Restoration of Office (Class A, B C Building), Industrial, Commercial, Historical and Heritage Buildings.

For the services provided we guarantee exceptional results with the highest customer satisfaction in Metal Cleaning, Metal Polishing and Restoration (Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum, Bronze, Brass, Copper, German Nickel, Stainless Steel), Metal Painting, Brass, Bronze and Copper Oxidizing, Scratch Removal/Vandalism of Stainless Steel, Bronze and Brass and Painted Aluminum and Steel to their original luster.

  • We perform many metal refinishing projects on a one-time or as needed basis. Customer benefits from one-time metal refinishing include
  • General Contractors, Architectural Metal & Glass Companies, Elevator Companies and Metal Fabricators needing final finishing work rely on us to provide timely, quality service. Another factor that is beneficial is our ability to refinish work off-site in our 5000 square foot facility. This advantage gives us the time ability to prepare final finishing to new metals which can be installed after they have been refinished.
  • Some Property Managers faced with limited budgets prefer to have their architectural metals refinished on an as-needed basis.
  • Vandalism/Scartch Removal damage to elevator interiors can be performed overnight in an emergency situation.