Brass Polishing

Outdoor Furniture Restoration

Metal Man Restoration specializes in the restoration, repair and refinishing of metal furniture and architectural metal fabrications.

Metal Man Restoration's state of the art refinishing techniques preserve yesterday's craftsmanship and quality, while combining colors and textures with distinctive results. Products range from wrought iron furniture, gates, urns, planters, and fountains to modern lighting fixtures and wrought iron gates and window guards.

Types of Restoration Service Offered

  • Welding cast aluminum and cast iron
  • Welding wrought iron and tubular aluminum
  • Bronze brazing and soldering
  • Metal component replacement fabrications
  • Chemical Stripping/Sand Blasting /Polyurethane/Fluoropolymer Coatings - CORAFLON by PPG
  • Fabrication

As a family-owned and operated business, Metal Man Restoration's skilled craftspeople devote individual attention to each project. Our dedication to quality workmanship with metal, vinyl and fabric in addition to factory training have led to our recognition as a leading service center for fine outdoor furniture.