Brass Polishing

Chrome, Nickel, Copper, Brass, Silver Plating Services

Metal Man Restoration is committed to giving our customers the best service and products available on the market. We will plate any parts to your specifications. We are not a "dip and ship" Metal Finishing company. We inspect parts before and after they leave the building. Metal Man Restoration guarantees all work. In 2011 we just finished building our new 2000 square foot plating line with state of the art equipment.


The following services Metal Man Restoration offers:

  • Copper plating (Polished, Antique, Weathered)
  • Nickel plating (Polished, Satin, Brushed)
  • Silver plating
  • Chrome Plating (Polished, Satin, Brush)
  • Brass Plating (Polished, Satin, Brush, Antique, Weathered)
  • Pewter (Antique, Satin, Brush, Polished)


In addition to these finishes we can create or match almost any finish you require! Unfortunately, we do not plate aluminum; however we can polish to a luster shine!


Metal Man Restoration can help you choose a metal finishing process for your parts or answer any questions about plating you may have.


Metal Man Restoration benefits are:

  • Clean Room Packaging.
  • Daily pickup and delivery service for regular customers.
  • Masking and Plugging to any part.