Brass Polishing

Nickel Plating, Polished Nickel, Satin Nickel, Antique Nickel

At Metal Man Restoration we offer a bright a dull nickel finishes which include polished nickel, satin nickel and antique nickel. Our large tanks can accommodate pieces up to 7 feet long.  We restore a variety of different types of parts and we are known as a job shop. We do not ship any of our customer pieces to other facilities all of our work is done in-house. Listed below are some of the most popular pieces that come through our plating line

  • Nickel Plating of Automotive, Marine (Boats) and Motorcycle Parts "NEW 2015"
  • Nickel Plating of Door & Bathroom Hardware
  • Nickel Plating of Stove Parts
  • Nickel Plating of Antique Vending Machines (slot machines, cash registers, pinball machines)
  • Nickel Plating of House hold décor such as lamps and Chandeliers.

We do commercial nickel, which is not polished. Nickel finishes can vary, from polished nickel to satin finished nickel and antique nickel finish. We also do hand and rifle gun parts.


                  Polished Nickel Plating Over Brass

             Polished Nickel Plating Over Steel & Brass

       Satin Nickel Finish Over White Metal (Pot Metal)

        Polished Nickel Plating Over Steel & Pewter





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