Brass Polishing

Hardware Restoration


Metal Man Restoration offers a top to bottom complete hardware restoration to the customer who is either restoring antique hardware in their home for service contractors and commericial buildings. We offer restorations for all:

Door hardware, Hinges, Metal trim, Stair banisters (hand rail brackets), Door bells, Door knockers, Cupboard latches, Window Hardware (Latches, Lifts), Fireplace hardware, Mail slots, Shelf Brackets, Plant & Lamp hooks, Furniture Hardware (latches, hinges, etc.), Bed Hardware and anything else that is metal - we can restore to a new finish that will last.

The following services that we offer are:

  • On Premises Experienced Locksmith with 20 years experience
  • Choice Finishes - Hi-Polish, Butler, Satin, Brushed, Oxidized (Antique, Weathered).
  • Interior and Exterior Laquer, Epoxy or Polyurethane Finishes
  • *Hardware Installation Is Available*