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Steel Casement Window Restoration

Metal Man Restoration can manage small to very large steel casement window restoration projects. Our staff has a combined experience of over 100 years in the steel casement restoration industry. Steel windows are some of the most durable windows in old historic buildings. Although most owners are inclined to replace them with some alternative because of energy performance considerations, there is nothing more beautiful or durable than the narrow sightline of a restored steel window. Metal Man has developed the competencies to fully restore steel windows to their original condition which can last for years. Our services include the restoration (On-site or off-site) and painting, repairs, fabrications, hardware restoration and casting.

The Steel Casement Restoration Process

Metal man developed the following process for restoring steel sash and frames. Since steel is such a durable material, there is almost always a great deal of the original window to work with to refurbish.

On-Site Review

The first step in the restoration process is to conduct an on-site survey of the condition of each unit and the course of action to restore the window. Metal Man will mark each unit in the field so it corresponds to our electronic scheduling program to expedite the production process and assure that the proper corrective action is being implemented.

Lead Paint Removal

The next step involves removing the many layers of lead paint to determine the actual condition of the window unit and to prepare it for the other steps. Metal Man utilizes dip tanks with liquid stripper as the most effective means of paint removal. Applied stripper or heat guns involve too much abrasive action that can be too labor intensive. Our dip tanks can handle sash that are 8'0" x 8'0".

Repair Structural Joints

Steel windows will often have rusted at key structural joints, Metal Man craftsmen will weld new joints to regain the original structural integrity of the sash and frame members.

Replace Deteriorated Components

Many sash are in excellent condition except for a particular component. Rather than disposing of the entire unit, Metal Man can easily replace the damaged section. We often see lower sash rails and horizontal mullions that have been exposed to water to the extent that the steel is no longer sound. The Metal Man craftsmen fabricate replacement steel components using the same profiles as the existing parts and weld them into the frame or sash. We also maintain an inventory of parts and pieces retrieved from other jobs we have completed.

Finish Sand

The Metal Man craftsmen use belt sanders, orbital sanders, finish sanders and wire brushes to create a finished surface. We even spend a great deal of time hand sanding the units to achieve a smooth finish. All welded joints and epoxy-treated areas are sanded to a smooth finish to best achieve the original profile of the window unit. Also we have state of the art sandblasting booths to remove all the final rust and any existing paint.


The Metal Man team typically uses an interior or exterior glazing bead or putty glazing depending upon the style of steel window to glaze the unit. We set the glass in a bed of silicone to provide a tight seal or sometime we use glazing putty depending on the casement window. The glazing pocket is prepared with a rust inhibiting primer manufactured by Tnemec to prevent future oxidation. Tnemec is known worldwide for producing the finest rust inhibitive finishes and is the standard for most exterior steel structures like water towers. Metal Man does its homework to prevent the possibility of incompatibilities between the primer and the glazing compound.

Finish Stain or Paint

Our painting crew can match any finish desired. We prefer to use the Tnemec paints for a stabilizing primer since they are known to be the finest in the industry. Tnemec's polyurethane paint finish is the finest in the industry. We have a representative of Tnemec come to our plant to evaluate our surface preparation prior to performing a project; that way our customers will have the guarantee of the paint manufacture secured.

Window Hardware

Metal Man can restore the original hardware or find hardware to match the existing windows. We have invested in high-speed buffing wheels that remove paint and oxidation and provide a new buffed finish. We also have a hardware bead blaster that can attack more aggressive deterioration. We also have the ability to re-cast any existing hardware small or large scale.