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Cast Iron Radiator Restoration

At Metal Man Restoration we are specialists in repairing, restoring, reconditioning and reclaiming traditional, antique, second-hand, cast iron radiators. We are a source for all of your cast iron radiator needs under one roof. We are one of the few companies that can build most cast iron radiators the exact length you require. We transform old & reclaimed cast iron radiators into stunning architectural fixtures.



All radiators can be finished in a epoxy primer and polyurethane color of choice (We can color match any Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Farrow & Ball Paint or paint swap that is supplied to us).



Another service we offer which is becoming popular in the US and done in Europe is Hand Polishing. We are the only facility in the US that can provide this service and our staff has trained with European technicians in this art. This process carried out off-site is a labor intensive process which involves hand polishing which highlights the detail of the casting. The radiator is then oiled to protect the finish and the maintenance required is to wipe the surface with a small amount of ‘WD40’ a couple of times per year or as the customer requires. We also offer a High Polished Finish.



Because we have everything under one roof we give faster delivery times & more competitive prices than many of our competitors who outsource (many of them to us anyway!).



Another popular service we offer is the pickup and delivery. We have our own trucking service that can pickup and deliver radiators to any part in the Northeast. We also offer and assist with shipping deliveries through trucking services to any part of the US.



Radiator Restoration Process


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