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Radiator Restoration Process

Metal Man Restoration is the leading radiator restoration company in the northeast, with a unique process focused on customer satisfaction.

Our Radiator Restoration Process

As the leading radiator restoration company in the northeast, Metal Man Restoration is dedicated to providing our clients with unique and high-quality restoration services. Our radiator restoration process is designed to ensure customer satisfaction, with every detail meticulously taken care of.

Digital Documentation

Our process starts with taking digital photographs of the radiators for inventory and future documentation.

our staff carefully submerging the radiator into the hot caustic acid tank
Our staff carefully submerging the radiator into the hot caustic acid tank

Hot Caustic Acid Tank

The radiators are then submerged in a hot caustic acid tank to remove paint, grime, and minor surface rust hidden on the inside and outside inner fins. Our experienced staff carefully handles the process to ensure the radiators are not damaged.

Overnight Soak

The radiators stay in the tank overnight to ensure that all the paint, grime, and minor rust inside and outside is completely removed from the radiators. Once complete, the radiators are removed from the tank, and we power wash them on the exterior to remove all cleaner and remaining paint and flush the inside of the radiators with clean water.

80 years of paint have been removed and notice the beautiful designs on the radiator
80 years of paint have been removed, and notice the beautiful designs on the radiator

Chemical Stripping

The radiators are chemically stripped to assist with the paint removal and to clean the internals of the radiator.

the radiator completly stripped of paint grime and minor surface rust ready for sandblasting
Pictured above is a radiator completely stripped of paint, grime and minor rust. Also, the inside has been cleaned of any grime and rust scale.


Next, the radiator is sandblasted throughout the exterior to remove all the rust and any remaining paint for proper paint adhesive.

radiator primered with a rust inhibitor epoxy paint
Radiator primed with a rust inhibitor epoxy paint


The radiator is then primed with a PPG epoxy rust inhibitor primer to ensure that the radiator will not rust and acts as a suitable adhesive for the PPG polyurethane paint (we can match any color you choose along with providing swaths from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore).

Polyurethane Paint

Finally, the radiator is sprayed with three coats of PPG polyurethane paint (the color of your choice) using our HVLP paint system. The result is a beautifully restored radiator that looks like new.

Color and Finishing Options

We can match any color, including Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams colors. We also offer a full line of Metallic powders which simulate a metal finish like brass, bronze, copper, and antique finishes. Another option we offer is radiator polishing and patination. We are able to polish and patina the cast iron metal on a radiator.

Trust Metal Man Restoration for Your Radiator Restoration Needs

We take pride in our work and strive to provide exceptional service to our clients. With our experience and state-of-the-art equipment, you can trust us to restore your radiator to its original beauty. Contact us today to schedule your radiator restoration appointment.

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