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Beacon Theatre

Beacon Theatre Project Overview

The Beacon Theatre is a famous theater located in New York City. In 2009, Metal Man Restoration was hired to restore the original 900-pound chandelier in the rotunda of the theater. The chandelier is a major attraction in the theater’s richly decorated lobby and has been in place for the past 80 years.

The Problem

When Metal Man Restoration arrived on-site, the chandelier was in poor condition. It had been lowered to the floor, was extremely dirty, and most of the crystals were missing. The crystal orb was suspended by a vintage 6″ coffee can painted gold, sockets were not working or bent, and the candelabra sleeves were yellowed and burnt from wear and tear.

The Solution

The restoration of the chandelier took over two weeks around the clock, with four chandelier experts from Metal Man Restoration working to bring it back to its original condition. The restoration process involved cleaning the chandelier to bring back its original luster, cleaning the original crystals with a two-part acid and repining them with new brass wire, replicating the missing crystals to match the original, and installing new candelabra sleeves and sockets. The restoration ensured that the original chandelier was preserved and continues to be a major attraction in the Beacon Theatre’s lobby for generations to come.

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