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Yankee Stadium Plaques

Yankee Stadium Plaques Project Overview

In April 2008, Metal Man Restoration was hired by the New York Yankees and Skanska Construction Corporation to restore the Babe Ruth Plaza and Lou Gehrig Plaza plaques, which date back to the mid to late 1940s. These plaques are located at the Bronze County Courthouse and Babe Ruth Plaza.

The Problem

When Metal Man Restoration received the plaques, they were covered in old paint, dirt, and grime, leading them to believe they were cast iron. Upon closer inspection, the plaques were found to be bronze. Additionally, one of the Lou Gehrig Plaza plaques was missing the bronze ball and required some cosmetic repairs.

The Solution

Metal Man Restoration restored the plaques to their original statutory bronze finish and coated them with a polyurethane clear coating. The statutory finish is not a painted finish but a special patina that is applied chemically to achieve the desired look. The restoration work also included cosmetic repairs to the plaques, such as welding, replacing bolts with original bronze bolts, and fabricating a new bronze baseball to replace the missing one on the Lou Gehrig Plaza plaque. The restoration work ensured that the plaques would continue to serve as important historic monuments at the Bronze County Courthouse and Babe Ruth Plaza for years to come.

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