Brass Polishing

Yankee Stadium Plaques

In April 2008 Metal Man Restoration was hired by the New York Yankees and Skanska Construction Corporation to restore the Babe Ruth Plaza and Lou Gehrig Plaza plaques. These plaques date back to the mid to late 1940's. These plaques are in place at the Bronze County Courthouse and Babe Ruth Plaza.

Condition: When we received the plaques we were under the impression that they were cast iron since they were full of old paint dirt and grime. Once the plaques were stripped and glass beaded it was then that we realized the plaques were bronze. Also we noticed that one of the Lou Gehrig Plaza plaques was missing the existing the bronze ball as well as some cosmetic repairs.

Solution: The plaques were restored to the original statutory bronze finish and coated with a polyurethane clear coating. The statutory finished is not a painted finish but a special patina that is applied chemically to achieve this finish. Also we made some cosmetic repairs to the plaques (welds, replace bolts with original bronze bolts and fabricate a new bronze baseball.

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