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Copper Retinning Cookware

Retinning for Your Copper Pots and Pans

At Metal Man Restoration, we offer high-quality retinning services for your copper pots and pans. With years of experience in the metal restoration industry, our team has the expertise and skill to ensure that your cookware is restored to its original beauty.

The Retinning Process

Our retinning process is done entirely by hand, using high-quality, grade “A” tin applied through a hand-wiping method. This process is NSF and USDA-approved and will not peel, crack, or flake away. In many cases, retinning your cookware is often more cost-effective than replacing it. Our team will clean your cookware of built-up grease and stuck-on foodstuffs, heavily recoat the tin, and polish the entire pan to look new when returned to you.

Our Process

Our process begins with inspecting your pots or pans when they arrive at our facility. We then proceed with abrasive blasting the pots inside to ensure the removal of all old tin and cooking grime. Once the item has been blasted, we inspect it for any dings or dents and make repairs as necessary. The item is then thoroughly cleaned to ensure the flux and tin adhere smoothly. Then, we tined the copper item and polished it to a high shine in our buffing facility.

The Cost

We charge $6.00 per inch, which includes retinning the entire pot or pan, refinishing (polishing) the outside of the item, and removing any dents or dings. Our tinning process is intense, and turnaround time can vary from 1 week to 5 weeks during our peak season (fall/winter). Our retinning calculator is available to assist in measuring your copper pots or pans. Please note that turnaround time during January and March may be restricted due to weather, as our tinning station is set up outside, and poor weather conditions may cause delays.

Restore Your Copper Cookware to Its Former Glory Today!

In conclusion, Metal Man Restoration offers high-quality retinning services for your copper pots and pans. Our process is done entirely by hand, and our team has the expertise and skill to restore your cookware to its original beauty. Contact us today to learn more about our services, and let us help you restore your copper cookware to its former glory.

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