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Stone Restoration Services

Marble Granite Terrazzo Refinishing and Restoration Services in Mount Vernon, NY

At Metal Man Restoration, we offer a wide range of stone restoration services to bring your floors and surfaces back to their original quality appearance. Our expert team specializes in marble restoration and marble floor polishing, granite restoration, terrazzo restoration, travertine restoration, and grout cleaning and restoration.

Marble Restoration

Marble is a beautiful natural stone that requires proper maintenance and restoration over time to keep it looking its best. Metal Man Restoration offers marble cleaning, polishing, and restoration services to help your natural stone surface keep its beauty. Our skilled craftsmen use the best techniques and tools to remove scratches, dull spots, chips, cracks, and acid etching. We also offer a variety of marble-safe cleaners to choose from to help maintain your marble surfaces for years to come.

Travertine Restoration and Terrazzo Restoration

Naturally porous travertine and terrazzo can become damaged over time due to foot traffic, spills, and other factors. Metal Man Restoration offers professional travertine restoration and terrazzo restoration services to clean, fill chips or cracks, polish out scratches or dull spots, and convert open travertine to a filled, easy-to-clean surface. Our team can color-match chips and blend repair compounds to match your existing floor construction for a seamless restoration.

Chip & Crack Repair

Our chip and crack repair service is designed to restore the beauty of your floors and surfaces. We analyze the chips’ size, distribution, type, and color and match them with a color-match portland cement or epoxy resin. Once the repair is honed flat and polished, it blends seamlessly with your existing floor construction.

Terrazzo Floor Polishing

Terrazzo floors are durable and can be restored to their original beauty with proper maintenance and polishing. Metal Man Restoration offers terrazzo floor polishing services to bring your floors back to life. Our skilled team can help you choose the best finish for your floors, whether matte, semi-gloss, or gloss.

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