Brass Polishing

Brass Bed Restoration

Metal Man Restoration performs over 100 brass & metal bed restorations per year and everything is done in our facility by our trained technicians. Listed above are some photos of before and after photos of brass beds that have been restored along with a before and after below along with a brief description of a brass bed restoration in our facility.

  • Your brass bed restoration begins with a thorough cleaning. All existing lacquer and coatings are completely removed.
  • After the thorough cleaning it is then completely disassembled and visually inspected for blemishes and defects.
  • Repairs are performed as needed.
  • Every component is then hand or power buffed. Specially formulated buffing compounds are used to produce a brilliant finish. We use buffing compounds that are optimized for brass finishing that can provide a bright or antiqued finish.
  • Once the individual components are polishing the bed is reassembled.
  • After reassembly, it is hand polished with a specially treated polishing cloth to a showroom shine.
  • The fully assembled bed is then lacquered to preserve the polished finish.

brass bed refinishing

brass bed cleaning