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Architectural Metal Maintenance Program

Architectural Metal Maintenance Programs: Keeping Your Building’s Metals Shining

Metal Man Restoration offers a range of metal maintenance and restoration services to help keep your metal fixtures and architectural elements looking their best.

Metal Cleaning and Restoration in NYC

Metal fixtures in New York City buildings are exposed to atmospheric pollution, pitting, and oxidizing caused by ultraviolet radiation from the sun, leaving them susceptible to deterioration and damage. Property managers are often forced to neglect exterior metal maintenance in order to balance budgets.

Metal Man Restoration offers comprehensive metal cleaning and restoration services for all types of metal fixtures in and out of buildings in NYC. Our trained technicians specialize in restoring historical landmarks and industrial, commercial, and heritage buildings. We offer cost-efficient maintenance programs and develop effective solutions to protect the exterior metal of buildings from recurring stains and damage.

With our proprietary methods and high-quality products, Metal Man Restoration can restore your metal fixtures to their original luster, apply a protective coating, and keep them shining for years to come. Our metal maintenance programs are designed to accommodate your time schedules, provide a safe work environment, offer periodic inspections, and make budgeting easy. Contact us today to learn more about our metal cleaning and restoration services in NYC.

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance for Exterior Metals

Property managers know the importance of maintaining the interior metals of a building but often neglect the exterior. This neglect can cause atmospheric deterioration, pitting, and oxidizing due to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. We provide preventative exterior metal maintenance programs for main entranceways, atriums, and other high-visibility areas to protect your building’s exterior metals and keep them shining.

Bronze Refinishing and Protective Coating

In most cases, Metal Man Restoration can restore metals and apply protective coatings to keep buildings’ exteriors pristine. We remove years of atmospheric pollution from anodized aluminum frames and anodic finished panels and apply coatings to combat recurring stains. With our preventative maintenance programs, the exterior metal will shine for years to come, protecting your investment.

Metal Maintenance Program Benefits

Our metal maintenance programs offer various benefits, including accommodating time schedules, providing safe work environments with OSHA-approved supplies, and periodic inspections. We make budgeting easy with average monthly payment plans to assure no surprises.

Ask the Metal Man

Contact us with any questions or inquiries about our metal maintenance and restoration services. Our team is always available to assist you with your metal maintenance needs.

About Metal Man Restoration

At Metal Man Restoration LLC, we understand the importance of metal restoration projects.

That’s why we offer our customers the unique opportunity to Ask The Metal Man – our team of experienced craftspeople who are dedicated to answering any questions you may have about refinishing, painting and staining, polishing, plating, electroplating, chandelier/lighting restoration, and more.

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