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Radiator Restoration Process

We have been the leading radiator restoration company in the northeast with our unique process and customer satifaction.

Our process begins when the radiators arrive in the shop. We take digital photgrapahs of the radiators for inventory and future documentation. Afterwards, the radiators are submerged into the hot caustic acid tank to remove any paint, grime, or minor surface rust inside and outside.

Cast Iron Radiator Restoration

Our staff carefully submerging the radiator into the hot caustic acid tank.


The radiators then stay in the tank overnight to ensure that all the paint is completly removed from the radiators. Once said they are then removed and any remaining paint is brushed off


Cast Iron Radiator Refinishing

80 years of paint have been removed and notice the beautiful designs on the radiator


Once the radiator is cleaned and dried properly, the radiator will look like the picture below ready for sandblasting. We chemically strip each radiator to assist with the paint removal and to clean the internals of the radiator.

Cast Iron Radiator Painting

The radiator completly stripped of paint, grime and minor surface rust ready for sandblasting


Next the radiator is sandblasted throughout the exterior to remove all the rust and any remaining paint for proper paint adhesive.

Cast Iron Radiator Cleaning

The radiator completly sandblasted ready for primer and paint.


The radiator is then primered with an epoxy rust inhibitor primer to ensure that the radiator will not rust and acts as a good adhesive for the polyurethane paint (color of your choice)

Radiator Refinishing

Radiator primered with a rust inhibitor epoxy paint


Finally the radiator is sprayed with three coats of polyurethane paint (color of choice) with our new HVLP paint system. The end product is to die for - a beautifully restored radiator that looks like new. Keep in mind we can match any color of choice (including benajim moore and sherman williams colors)

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