Brass Polishing

Marble Granite Terrazzo Refinishing and Restoration

Stone Restoration

Metal Man Restoration offers marble restoration and marble floor polishing, granite restoration, terrazzo restoration, travertine restoration and grout cleaning and restoration.

Dull Spots – Marble, Travertine and Granite Polished out to return a mirrored finish.

White Spots – Stubborn spots removed once and for all via marble, limestone and travertine polishing and restoration.

Scratches – Honed out to restore a smooth mirrored appearance.

Chips & Cracks – Repaired and blended to virtually disappear.

Metal Man Restoration specializes in:

  • Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Repairing
  • Restoration
  • Sealing
  • Maintaining

Marble Restoration

When using our marble and limestone cleaning, polishing and restoration services you are getting the best. Metal Man polishes and restores more marble than anyone else in the industry. Simply enter your zip code and request a free estimate and a Metal Man trained craftsman will contact you to discuss your marble restoration and care needs.

We have a variety of marble safe cleaners to choose from to help your natural stone surface keep its beauty. Whether you are looking for a marble cleaner, need a marble cleaning or seeking someone knowledgeable in marble cleaning, marble polishing or marble restoration you have come to the right place.

If you are seeking to

  • Clean
  • Repair a chip
  • Crack
  • Scratch
  • Acid etch
  • Polish a dull spot
  • Or are simply seeking a maintenance polish, Metal Man can restore your stone to its original quality appearance

Once your marble is restored Metal Man will provide you guidance on the appropriate care, cleaners and maintenance to keep your marble surfaces looking their best for years to come.

Travertine Restoration, Terrazzo Restoration

Naturally porous travertine has a tendency to open new voids over time. A high heel in the wrong spot and viola another hole and another place to catch dirt.

  • Cleaning
  • Filling a chip or crack
  • Polishing out a scratch or dull spot
  • Seeking to convert an "open" travertine to a "filled" easy to clean travertine

Metal Man can deliver the goods.
Chips can be color matched with our buff epoxy repair compounds. Once filled and set these compounds can be honed smooth and polished to match the stone finish.

Scratches and dull spots are diamond honed and then polished to blend with the natural stone finish.

Cleaning travertine is our specialty. Whether "open" or "filled", Metal Man brings the right techniques to bear to deliver a clean, polished beautiful surface.

Spots, etches and light scratches can be quickly cured with Metal Man’s travertine polishing techniques. Heavy scratches? No problem. A little honing once again you can have a scratch free surface finished to your taste whether matte, semi-gloss or gloss.

Tired of trying to keep dirt out of your open travertine? Consider Metal Man’s service. Tired of the hassles associated with cleaning a floor full of dirt trapping holes? Metal Man can employ its workmen to quickly fill all the holes present with a repair compound that can be honed and polished to yield a beautiful easy to clean floor.

Chip & Crack Repair

What was once a gray ugly fill today is an artfully prepared blend of stone and resin designed to match your existing floor construction. Metal Man Restoration is equipped to assess your terrazzo particular make-up including:

  • Chip size - Marble chips are size graded to match the original chips
  • Chip distribution - Mix of chips is analyzed and determined to insure the repair blends
  • Chip type & color - Stone type and color is graded and matched
  • Matrix color - Color of the base portland or epoxy is analyzed and a comparable colored resin is formulated to minimize color difference.

Once analyzed, a color-match portland cement or epoxy resin is custom prepared, filled with the appropriate marble chips as defined by type, size and color. After setting your repair is honed flat and polished to match the finish on your floor.

Terrazzo Floor Polishing

Whether dulled by years of traffic, or being brought back to light after languishing under carpet or tile, Metal Man can assist you in bringing your beautiful piece of history back to life. Terrazzo floors are durable and when properly restored beautiful. Unlike when first introduced, today terrazzo floors can be maintained beautifully.