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US Customs House Philadelphia PA

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US Customs House Philadelphia PA Project Overview

Metal Man Restoration was hired to restore the US Customs House in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a historic federal government building with a unique Art Deco design. The project involved the restoration of the building’s 400 steel casement windows and all exterior aluminum and stainless steel doors, transoms, and light fixtures. The project took 2 1/2 years to complete, and Metal Man Restoration worked hand-in-hand with Local 21 Painters Union throughout the process.

The Problem

The steel windows and exterior metalwork had deteriorated significantly over the years, with the steel frames showing extensive paint wear and rust scales and the aluminum and stainless steel having not been cleaned in over 40 years.

The Solution

Metal Man Restoration’s skilled team of craftsmen tackled the restoration project with expertise and attention to detail. They repaired, primed, and painted all windows on the ground and first floor and properly cleaned and preserved all aluminum and stainless steel to prevent further oxidation and corrosion.

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