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Niagara Mohawk Building – Syracuse NY

Niagara Mohawk Building – Syracuse NY Project Overview

The Niagara Mohawk Building is a classic art deco building located in Syracuse, New York. Built in 1932, it was the headquarters for the nation’s largest electric utility company. In 2010, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the Niagara Hudson Building. Metal Man Restoration was hired to clean all the exterior aluminum and stainless steel trim around the building’s detailed facade, which had not been cleaned since the 1970s.

The Problem

The original condition of stainless steel and aluminum around the entire building was in fair condition but had not been cleaned for decades, leading to significant dirt and grime buildup. This was affecting the aesthetic value of the building and could potentially lead to further corrosion and damage.

The Solution

Metal Man Restoration tackled the job by working on suspended scaffolding throughout the entire building. The team cleaned all the exterior aluminum and stainless steel trim, ensuring that the surfaces were properly cleaned and coated with a wax coating to prevent further corrosion. The job took several months to complete, but the result was a restored building exterior that honored the building’s historical significance and beauty. The restoration work preserved the Niagara Mohawk Building as a significant historic landmark in Syracuse, New York.

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